New customized leather cue cases

By Ed

Friday, August 31, 2007

My current friends have been with me since high school. We’ve done everything together throughout our lives, and most of us are now married. The marriages changed things a bit, but not enough to really matter. We still go out every Saturday to play pool.


We did have one major upset though. It seems silly now thinking back on it, but it was a big deal at the time. My friend had a dog named Roger, and Roger loved chewing on pool cues. He would never chew on anything else. Well, one night he ate through all of our pool cues. We were furious.


My friend made sure it would never happen again. He purchased us all a pool cue case. It wasn’t a cheap plastic one either. He made sure they all were custom cue cases made of leather. The new customized leather cue cases were wonderful, and everyone forgave him after that. His dog hasn’t chewed on our cues since.