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Hi, I promised I would email you how the additional strap was working out that you added to my case for my scooter. Well so far it is working out fine. It helps secure the case and it is designed great to store it when not in use. I think you definitly have a winner of a design here! How is my second case coming along? I know you said you wer starting to get backed up (as I figured you would) as more people talk about how they love their cases. I have had several people inquire about mine. Thanks for a great case at an unbelievable price!! I am glad I am getting my second one before you decide to raise the prices to where they should be for such quality cases!! Take care and God Bless,--Nick  

Just a quick note to let you know I got my case and I love it. It is the most beautiful case I have ever seen and I can't wait to see it with the stand. And as you said I don't believe the quality I received for the price I paid. --Thanks, Jeff E.

Dear Garth.......the case has arrived...thank you's beautiful...I've been sitting here, at work ,admiring it...I think it will hold this long butted titleist dennis dieckman cue that does'nt fit into most cases perefectly.... many thanks --v. r

I started looking for a custom case I went on the net and saw On Q  at On Q would make me a case that would match my cue stick. So I gave Garth Bair a call and after a lenghty conversation he somehow knew what I wanted on my case without me fully explaining it to him. Once we decided what I wanted; color design etc., which by the way I had a  larger pouch made to hold my cue reach extension, I had my case in a matter of a couple of weeks. When I opened the shipping box I was blown away at the quality of craftsmanship of the case. The custom inlays match my stick perfectly and Garth even went a step further and did an inlay on the back of my case that wasn't on the drawing board but worked out great. I would strongly recommend OnQcases to anyone who wants a custom cue case  for a very fair and reasonable price.   --Kenny R., a proud owner of an OnQcase

Garth, I got the case last night and it looks great. I put everything in it and all fits good. I will e-mail you and tell you how all is going with the case but, how can there be any problems............Later  --Preston

Garth, We have received the case and ahead of schedule too!  Your design and craftsmanship perfectly blend beauty and function.  Itís a magnificent piece that packs a wallop!  It will no doubt be the best looking case in New York City.  Thank you --Lou T.

Dear Garth,   I am very pleased to be have one of your custom cases to carry my cues in. I am get compliments everywhere I play at in San Diego, Ca and elsewhere. The detail is super on the case people I have showed the case to love the size of the pouches, handle, and the shoulder strap. I am very happy your cases beat all the leather cases I have seen. --Eric J.

Garth, I got the case today, right on schedule.  My initial reactions are very favorable.  I want to give you complete feedback, so if it's ok, I'll give you a call in abourt a week after I've had it out a few times and have worked the closure a bit.  Right away though, I can tell you the workmanship is excellent. Look forward to talking with you. --All the best, Hoot

Garth,  i got the case and love it. it is exactly what i was looking for. thanks for the wonderful work.  even the inlays are exactly what i wanted. thanks again  --m.s.

Hello Garth, The case arrived today. Wow! It's absolutely stunning. What a beautiful case! I have been around pool for some 35 years and I have never seen any case, anywhere, as magnificent as this one. My buddies at work saw the case and they were in awe, and they don't even play pool. Thank you for the superb work. I am almost afraid to use it, lol. I will highly recommend you to anyone who asks me about the case. I am sure I will get a lot of comments.--Joe

Garth, Although it wasn't as exciting as getting my first custom cue, I found the experience of receiving my first custom cue case very gratifying.  The workmanship is top notch, as are all the materials.  I love the design and functionality of the case.  I appreciate the fact that you took the time to talk to me about all the available options and verified all the things that I had requested.  It was shipped in a very acceptable timeframe and very near the date when it was first quoted.  I would strongly recommend your services and wish you the best of luck!!  My only criticism is the use of
styrofoam peanuts in the shipping box.  Those things drive me crazy!--Sincerely,Eric

Garth, I promised you a review. I'm sorry it has taken so long. I've been busy moving back to Houston and starting my new job here. First thing. WOW! , I'm very happy with the case. It's very Nice. The workmanship is what I expected... "First Class". You definitely deliver a "Quality" product. The case speak's for itself, no need to say "Hey look at my new case". When I walked into the Bar last week for the 8 Ball Tournament, I got a lot of stare's. I saw a lot of jealousy in those eye's. The only regret I have is not having the storage pocket's larger. With the 4x8 being the size of a small Golf bag, an extra inch in width, and depth would have been nice. I would recommend that feature for any future models you make. I like being able to comfortably be able to reach in the pocket's. My hand's and knuckle's stay dry and cracked, and a larger Pocket would be easier on the hands. To me, they are still too small for that size of case. Other than that, WOW! It's Sweet.. --Don B

Garth, I am enjoying my case very, very much. You did a wonderful job - it looks great! I feel like I robbed you with the price I paid. I wrote a review on the forum that I participate in .Please feel free to read it. There are one or two other threads about your cases. You can search for "onqcase" and they will come up. Again, thanks for the first class workmanship and great customer service. You were a pleasure to do business with.--Ethan

Hello Garth, My case came about ten minutes ago. You did a wonderful job! I couldn't have asked for a nicer case at any price. It is exactly what I wanted. The quality is amazing! I'm so glad I chose ONQCASES over Justis and Whitten. Thanks! Please disregard the email I sent you this morning and I tried to call you a minute ago as you asked me to but couldn't reach you. Thanks again!--Geoff Scott

I am very pleased with my new case. It is the best quality case that I have ever seen let alone owned! The quality of your materials, design, and workmanship is beyond anything I have ever seen in a case or piece of luggage for that matter. I went to Hard Times this evening and everyone that I showed it to was truly amazed at the workmanship and design. I'm really proud to be the owner of this OnQ case. I love everything about it!!!!!!! Thanks Garth!!!! --Jeffrey Elliott

Garth, Sorry for the tardiness of this email. I have received my case and am very pleased. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a quality cue case.  Please feel free to use me as reference.  Thanks again,  --Scott Barger

Garth, I received the case on Wednesday just as you said in the voice mail you left me. Fit and finish on the case is great and everything is in working order. The case looks just like I thought it would. You did a good job with it. I like the way the whole
thing just has that clean classy look to it. The top is constructed well. The Italian latch is really nice (Iím surprised more cases donít have this). The 15 inch pouch, in my opinion, is in good proportion with the rest of the case, and is plenty big to store all the little things a pool player carryís, as well as a jump handle. The removable strap is great, I like the way it adjusts, the way it looks like itís a part of the case instead of just on the case, & the way it snaps into the carrying handle if you donít want to
take it completely off when not using.  Thanks once again,   --Robby

I wanted to provide some feedback about my recently purchased OnQ Case.  I found out about OnQ from your website, did some further investigations about the company and the other big custom case makers, and eventually decided to make a purchase.  Am I ever glad I did, because when I finally got the case it turned out ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!  It is without a doubt the most beautiful case I have ever seen.  (My teammates call it the Cadillac of Cases!)  I can't believe what a quality product this is.  The materials and craftsmanship are all are top notch and the value is unbelievable.  Mine is a 3x5, two-tone black and brown alligator case that matches my custom cue perfectly! To top it off, working with Garth (the maker) was fantastic.  A true gentleman, he patiently worked with me through several iterations of the design before I settled in on the final one, was always available to contact, and made great suggestions along the way on changes he thought would make me
happier with the case.  Even after all was said and done and I had my case, Garth stressed that we have a relationship now and if I ever have a problem with the case he will take care of it.  What more could you possibly ask for?  Now I am even thinking about seeing if he would be willing to make me a custom case for my guitar...maybe if I ask REAL nicely...
If you want a custom-designed hand-made work of art that is different from everything else out there, don't hesitate to order an OnQ Case.  You won't be disappointed.  Vic M.  Warrenville, IL WOW....If I can only play pool as good as the case looks.  --Swatty

Hi Garth, I just wanted to say it in writing how much I like my new case. It really is Drop Dead Gorgeous.!!!! It is one of kind that I will enjoy for many years. Thanks for your extra effort and craftsmanship.  You are a fine Artist. --Regards, Scott

Mr. Bair, I want to thank you for the attention and obvious care you put into making Janet's case. It's absolutely lovely and she was stunned that someone would take as much time and effort to do something as wonderful as this to house her new cues.Thanks, too, for the timely response you gave to my request. The case was waiting for me on Thursday afternoon, just as you said. As such, I was able to present it Christmas morning, surprising Janet and making me an incredibly happy
person.Please continue the good work as the industry needs craftsmen of your skill to bring out the real beauty the game has to offer  Regards and Happy New Year --Terry

Hello Garth,I just wanted to let you know that I've had the case for awhile and that I love it.  The leather is outstanding, exactly what I wanted, and the workmanship is top notch as usual.  It's been a pleasure doing business with you, I always give you high praise when someone asks an opinion of OnQ cases on the AZbilliards forums. --Thanks!!! Eric

I received your case last week and am very impressed with it. You did a wonderful job and cant stop braging about it to my friends. Thanks again for making it.  Money well spent.   --john from ny

Hey Garth!! I got the case today and it looks AWESOME!! The color should be perfect for my cue...I will contact you in Feb to make another one for my wife's cue --Thanks, Jon T

Garth,  you make a mean case!   It looks fabulous. The shafts and butts fit nicely. Thanks for all your service and detail!    --Mike

Garth, It came. Love it! Very nice case. I will tell all! Have a nice Christmas. --Take Care, Troy B.

Just received my case - It is not what I expected - It's better!  I thought I was going to get three diamonds around the case, however,I LOVE your new interpretation - It's original and not "run of the mill" - Thanks so much !!!!!!!  --Ross

Hello Garth, wow what a beautiful Case you make for me :-) I'm so impressed,speechless. The nicest Dealer Case I've seen. Now you can putt the Pics on your Homepage and say this is the Dealercase of the Year.

Awesome mate.....simply awesome.--SD

Well, I must confess to being slightly influenced by Doug's own case, hence the brown lizard with (different!) shaped diamonds. It came out awesome. What a great case and Garth is such a great ambassador for his company, the man is just first rate when it comes to communication and after sales.....and he has just become a grandfather.....congrats mate. This case, by the way, has saved my marriage, ha, ha, ha!!!! 1 case instead of 12. I can store the others in the loft......or sell a few Please feel free to add pics of your own OnQ storage cases to this thread. I have a problem though....its been in the house 10 minutes and its full. I need another. lizard this time I think............. --RG

Hey Garth, Got home and checked out the case...its PERFECT!!! Thanks for everything! --Jon T

Hello Garth, It's John from Afghanistan again. I ordered one of your cases in the 8x16 configuration. Words cannot explain the perfection and detail you put into your cases my friend. The case is absolutely PERFECT, far beyond what I expected. Everything was exactly as ordered and you were a true delight to do business with. Even when I called and made a change to the design you were more than glad to help out and make the change. The pool world desperately needs more professionals like you. And by the way, this will not be the last case I order. --Thanks, John

Garth, Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I LOVE my new pool cue case. It's beautiful. You are a true craftsman! I have had numerous complements on the case "even if it is pink" from the guys and the women just love the color and how soft it is. thank you so very much for putting so much time and thought into this case. Charyl

A testimonial to a great craftsman 2/9/09 I have had many cases over the years but the one Garth made for me is by far the nicest one. I have several very expensive cues and I know now they are well protected. Everywhere I carry it people will ask me where I got such a nice looking case. I was so impressed with the quality and workmanship that I bought two more, one for my wife and my soon to be son-in-law. Garth is one of the easiest people to talk to on the phone, he stays in touch throughout the whole building process and he delivers exactly what you order. Order from him and you will not be disappointed Thanks Garth --Gary

Hi Garth, The cue case arrived yesterday, just in time for my Husband's birthday - to say he was thrilled is an understatement. He just loves it. You did a wonderful job so thank you very much. Thanks again, it really is a beautiful piece of work. Regards --Kate

Garth, The case came in. Very Nice!. Thanks again for a beauty. Take Care --Troy

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