My wife feels it is time for me to own a leather cue case.


My old cue case has had it. 

My wife bought me a custom leather cue case, otherwise known as my custom leather purse


She was so grateful, that she ordered me a custom leather cue case for my last birthday. After 15 years together, she knew exactly the color leather, style, and pocket configuration I was looking for.

New customized leather cue cases


My current friends have been with me since high school.

Custom Leather Cue Case


Their craftsmanship is unmatched, and everyone in this sport should go here in my opinion

Custom leather cue cases are purchased by two kinds of people


Most custom cases are done in leather, but beware of the leather artists who don’t know pool or pool cues.

Custom leather cue cases are both a statement of style and a practical way to transport you beloved cues


On Q Cases is a one man shop that builds one custom leather cue case at a time.